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Administration rights Assigning these permissions to users enables them to provision new users, change and assign passwords, and set up sites within your establishment tenancy.
.CSV File (Comma Separated Values) is a text file that can be opened by any spreadsheet or text editor (word processor).
Dashboard This is the page that contains all the command and function links, buttons, icons and tabs.
Domain Your domain is the custom web address registered for your educational establishment. There is an annual fee for owning a domain.
Drop-down menu   A menu that opens when you click on a button, icon or tab, displaying a series of options for you to choose from.
Firewall A security system or device that prevents outsiders from accessing a private system. This could be your own computer or an internal network e.g. at work.
Formatting Arranging data in a particular way for it to display properly in a
particular file.
Hosting service provider The company that hosts your web space and can provide your domain. You will usually pay a monthly fee for this service.
Icon A symbol or representation indicating a specific function.
ISP Internet Service Provider
Password A secret code that is required each time you sign in to Office 365. It should be known only to you and is unique to you.
Permissions These are the level of rights and responsibilities you assign to your users, such as whether users are allowed to change passwords and set up their own spaces within your establishment's tenancy.
Platform This is another name for a suite of tools such as Office 365.
Portal The webpage from which you enter Office 365.
Services The different tools that are available to use from the Office 365 portal.
Spreadsheet   A computer file used mostly for accounting, in which figures are arranged in a grid of rows and columns.
Tab A link to a page, function or tool that often looks like the physical tabs used as file dividers or at the edge of a cardboard file.
Tenancy This is the space your educational establishment occupies within the Office 365 ecosystem.
Toolbar A vertical or horizontally arranged line of command buttons, tabs or icons.
User name This is the name by which you will be visible to other users within Office 365.
Users Users are the people who will be able to use your tenancy within Office 365.
Verification This is the process of having your domain checked by Microsoft as being connected to or used by a genuine educational establishment or organisation.

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