Tip Sheets

Using the Internet

Saving information from the Web

When you are browsing the World Wide Web, you are using the telephone and that is costing you normal telephone costs. If you school is far from the Internet provider that your school is using, these costs could be quite high. Here are some hints to help you save the amount of time you spend online. Saving time online is saving money.

Saving information to disk

Instead of reading long documents while online, glance through it quickly and if it looks even slightly useful to you, save it to your local storage disk. Note that it will not save you much in terms of costs to print the document, since printing also costs money. Once you have saved it, you can read it offline once you have ended the Internet connection. This is how you do it:

Click on File
And select Save As

Saving Info

In newer versions of IE (IE 7) you will find that the text and the images save (use the Save as Type option Web Page, complete).

Saving online favourites

If the web site only has value when seen online (as opposed to reading the content offline) you can save it as a Favourite. This will help you to return to the web site with one click once you are online again on another occasion. Favourites are saved on the local computer where you are browsing. Therefore, if you are on a network in a computer room, you would have to sit at the same computer to be able to recall your favourites. This is how you save favourites:

Click on Favorites
and Add to Favorites

Saving Info

In order to use the favourite at a later date, simply click on the Favorite tab and click on the description of the favourite in the list that appears in the pop-up screen.