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WebQuests (ICT Integration)

Future Imperfect? (Gr 7-9)

South Africa has changed a great deal since 1994. Many things have changed, many things are in the process of changing and many more still need to change.

Project 13: What Does the Future Hold? allows learners to find out a wide variety of views on the subject: the future of South Africa. Through questionnaires and interviews learners speak to people in their own community to find out what others think about South Africa’s future. They use their data to develop a report that outlines their discoveries.

One of the biggest problems that South Africa faces is the ongoing and rapid advance of HIV and AIDS. Project 14: A Big Stumbling Block focuses on HIV and AIDS and how this disease will impact on various aspects of society and therefore South Africa’s future. They then develop an information brochure to teach their community about these issues. They also develop five simple ideas for things that people can do or change in their lives that will help make a difference in slowing the spread of HIV and AIDS in South Africa.