For two decades now, SchoolNet has established a sound reputation for the delivery of training to teachers and educational managers. This has been achieved through demonstrating extensive knowledge of educational and pedagogic processes and the ways in which different technologies can support the work of teachers, learners and managers.

SchoolNet has provided content development, tutor training and coordination services for ICT Integration teacher qualifications at a number of South African higher education institutions. Through its relationship with the Commonwealth of Learning, SchoolNet has been responsible for convening workshops for ministries and seminars for Deans of Education in higher education institutions in Southern Africa and in the Caribbean in order to promote the integration of ICT in teacher education qualifications. SchoolNet SA developed and has continuously revised the rigorous and comprehensive content for the Commonwealth of Learning Certificate for Teacher ICT integration.

SchoolNet is the country partner for a number of international companies such as Intel, Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle and Google Education as well as local partners: Vodacom, CSIR, Telkom, Sun International and Anglo Platinum.  SchoolNet has always worked closely with departments of education at both national and provincial levels and is regularly commissioned by them to undertake some critical initiatives.  The fact that SchoolNet has been operating in a range of South African schools since its inception in 1997 has also contributed to the organisation’s credibility and standing with government and other stakeholders. Other organisational strengths include:

  • the high calibre of the staff that SchoolNet has attracted;
  • training courses developed and delivered by SchoolNet address clearly defined educator development needs and have been received positively by teachers, managers and officials;
  • the creation of a national core of well qualified trainers who can be called to deliver training in any province and within the region;
  • the creation and nurturing of a professional learning community of teachers sharing resources; and
  • the fostering of a flexible and responsive organisation that is able to initiate new projects and embrace the
    potential of emerging technologies.

By virtue of its experience and successes to date SchoolNet SA has developed unique competencies which will continue to serve as the driving force behind effective ICT implementation in the future.

Our unique competencies are:

  • Project management and consultation
  • Technical service and support
  • Research and knowledge management
  • Educator development in ICT integration

SchoolNet SA’s Capacity Statement (2018)
SchoolNet SA Annual Report (2017)
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SchoolNet South Africa is an incorporated Non Profit Company - Registration 2001/012244/08, NPO Number 030-817
and holds Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) Status, in terms of Section 30 of the Income Tax Act - PBO Number 130003557.

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