SchoolNet SA’s purpose is to act as a catalyst and an enabler of positive change for the education system. SchoolNet seeks to harness the power of learning technologies to:
•             create communities of life-long learners
•             to sustainably enhance teaching and learning
•             to shift culture around knowledge acquisition

In general traditional teaching methodology has not evolved to keep in line with technological development. Research findings in the area of psychology, physiology and neurology are shedding light on the way in which people think and learn. Until recently, there has been no way for us to take full advantage of our capabilities. Now, with the increasing improvement and affordability of learning technologies we are beginning to see the potential of the multi-dimensional digital resources that could enhance teaching and learning.

Creating the infrastructure is merely the beginning. It becomes more than just a medium for new content, methodologies, facilitation and interaction. Through our teacher development programmes we hope to develop educators and learners who are keen to explore new ideas and think innovatively.

We have heard the saying, “The future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed” SchoolNet is striving to ensure that teaching with technology acts as an equalising force and does not widen that digital gap.

SchoolNet creates:

  • Environments that promote deep learning skills,
  • Courses and events which are meaningful to educators and learners in the classroom,
  • Educators and principals who sustain learner-centred teaching and school management,
  • Conditions for lesson improvement skills,
  • Appropriate ways to use digital tools and resources to enhance learning,
  • Innovative ways to engage learners in self-directed and collaborative knowledge building,
  • Programmes that focus on professional development and the effective use of learning technologies – rather than focusing on the technology itself,
  • Projects that do NOT waste funds by providing computer skills only,
  • Connected teachers who build and sustain personal learning networks and communities of practice.

SchoolNet strives to:

  • Influence decision-making to promote a better education for all
  • Assist school leaders to develop the vision to use digital tools and resources to transform learning
  • Support and transform teachers to integrate digital learning in imaginative ways
  • Provide quality courseware for teacher professional development
  • Empower and support departmental officials, educators and learners in the effective use of innovative digital learning
  • Maintain excellence in training and project management,
  • Develop strong support and liaison with schools and provincial education structures
  • Increase numbers of effectively-trained teachers integrating digital learning

SchoolNet South Africa is an incorporated Non Profit Company - Registration 2001/012244/08, NPO Number 030-817
and holds Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) Status, in terms of Section 30 of the INcome Tax Act - POB Number 130003557.

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