10 ideas for podcasting in your classroom using Audacity

Submitted by Fiona Beal

The free application, Audacity, has so much potential for students who have access to it on a desktop or laptop. In a previous post we showed how to download the free application ‘Download and use Audacity on your desktop or laptop for audio podcasting

These are just a few ideas on ways of using it.

  1. Make an audio advertisementWith audacity you can:
    • Insert sound clips, and background music
    • Save audio clips from websites
    • Create an audio voice over to ‘sell’ product.
    • Export the final advertisement so it can be played elsewhere.
  2. Make speaking avatars for your students’ blogs
    Voki.com is a great site for making speaking avatars. With Voki.com you create an avatar and one of the voice alternatives is to the students to record themselves talking using Audacity – and then upload those to their Vokis.
  3. Use Audacity for all types of podcasts. Make  book reviews, reports, poetry readings, music tracks, Let your students create music tracks for their video podcasts. 
  4. Students can practise their orals using Audacity
  5. Students an record themselves reading their books and do a sel- assessment on their reading
  6. Record class singing to share with parents via a blog or website
  7. The Slideshare ‘Áudacity in the classroom’ shown below gives more ideas.

Audacity in the classroom from cassafrass01

8. ‘Flip your classroom with Audacity’

This video was made using PowToon and it gives more very good ideas for using Audacity


9. Use Audacity successfully with Photostory 3, another free download from Microsoft. Here is a Slideshare showing how Audacity and Photostory 3 can be used together.

Audacity And Photo Story In The Classroom from lisashusband

10. Jon Carl talks about using Audacity in a History Classroom http://goo.gl/roNJ3S 

Using Audacity in a US History Class to Create Radio News Broadcasts on WWII’

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