10 interesting Google posts for teachers this week #2

Submitted by Fiona Beal

After looking through all the Google posts that were shared to my various subscriptions this week, these were the ten that caught my eye. 

1. Best Practices for Using Google Classroom – gCON for GAFE


This is an hour long video. Join Juan De Luca, Google Certified Teacher and Trainer, and learn how take advantage of Google Classroom in your school. This simple, but powerful, tool can help organize your classroom workflow and improve the productivity of teachers and students. The session will include best practices, tips and tricks on setting up and managing Classroom.

2. 20 collaborative Google Apps activities for schools


Ditch that textbook has a great list of collaborative activity ideas (also available as a PDF here). The way that Google Apps is interactive and easy to share is powerful. Students can share ideas in real time with other students around the world, an option that never existed before.


3. How to Disable Chrome’s New User Menu


There’s an update rolling out for Chrome right now that adds a new menu to the top-right of the app that lets you manage users.I can’t say that I like it – it takes up too much time – and I was glad to read about this way of disabling it. Here’s how to disable it.


4. How to use Hangouts in the Classroom


Teachers can start using Hangouts simply by setting up a Google+ page and signing up for the Hangout feature. They can conduct virtual classrooms at a number of places; it allows a teacher to teach up to 10 classrooms at the same time. It makes classes interactive and students can ask questions whenever they want. They can use it to connect their classroom with other classrooms or to connect their students with experts across the world, providing them with connected learning experiences. There are many ways in which teachers and students can derive benefits from using Hangouts in the classroom. This posts names a few.


5. ‘Introduction to redesigned Admin Console’ from Google for Work


The Admin Console has a new look. The redesign comes as part of a Google-wide move to updated interface design standards intended to make products easier to navigate and use. This video highlights a few things that have changed.

6. What IS Google Classroom?


If you’ve been wondering what Google Classroom is (or is NOT), this video from moi is for you! Should you get ready for implementation? Can you replace your current system with Classroom? This video will help you answer those burning questions. Then, join the discussion below this post on Google+ to share how your school is using Classroom to improve instruction. Also, don’t forget to install the free Synergyse training for Classroom by visiting https://www.synergyse.com/ and clicking the large green Install button!

7. The Apps Show Shortcuts: Email Aliases


Keeping your inbox safe has never been easier! In this Shortcut, Charles shows you how to quickly create an email alias so you easily filter unwanted messages.

8. A Guide to Google Apps for the iPad


The infographic embedded in the post above details the most useful Google apps for the iPad in the opinion of Kasey Bell.


9. Get your FREE Google Classroom iPad App User Guides!


Get your FREE user guide for the new Google ClassroomiPad App!

Google just released an Android& iOS app for Google Classroom. It’s not full featured (yet) so it’s important that teachers and students understand exactly what you can and can’t do with the app. There are two user guides – one for students and one for teachers.


10. A Curated List of the Best Youtube Channels for Educators


Michael Fricano’s PLN has helped curate this great list of educational Youtube Channels! Click to access the Google Doc directly. Create a comment or suggestion to add your favorite channels!


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