10 interesting Google posts for teachers this week #4

Submitted by Fiona Beal
After looking through all the Google posts that were shared to my various subscriptions this week, these were the ten that caught my eye. 

1. Top ten Google Apps security tips from the Ed Tech team


This is a PDF put out by the EdTechTeam showing questions and answers about security issues in visual form.


2. Newspaper maps powered by Google maps Newspaper Map powered by+Google Maps http://goo.gl/pTWpR


3. Today I received the nicest Valentine’s Card ever, from one of my classes.

Amazing what you can do with Google Forms and how attractive you can make them look. This post is by Sylvia Duckworth.


4. Save Kahoot Quiz Results In Your Google Drive Account  http://goo.gl/bVP5qW

Kahoot is featured at the end of nearly every Best of the Web presentation that Richard Byrne gives. Kahoot provides a fun way to gather feedback from a group through their phones, iPads, Chromebooks, or any other device that has a web browser and an Internet connection. You can include pictures and or videos as part of each question that you create and share in a Kahoot activity.


5. ‘Essential guide to getting started with using Google Apps.’ http://goo.gl/yAYBqm

This is a lovely infographic created by Alice Keeler in Google Drawing ‘Essential guide to getting started with using Google Apps.’  She made this using Google Drawing.

6.  Save your YouTube Videos to Google Drivehttp://www.labnol.org/internet/save-youtube-videos-to-google-drive/28793/

The important point is how do you get your original video files from YouTube for uploading to other websites? There’s an option available inside Google Takeout that will not only let you download your YouTube videos in their original high-resolution but also saves the files directly to your Google Drive. Thus, you can start the download process and it will save all your files, big and small, to Google Drive in the background. Once the files are in Drive, they’ll automatically sync to your desktop that you can later upload to other video websites.

7. Getting Googley with Infographics http://goo.gl/6jccLM

This is a great post about creating infographics using Google Drawing – it also gives step by step instruction


8. Cool Google Tools for Teachers

Steve Anderson says that “We all know Google will do searches, mail, calendars, images and tons more stuff, but I got really excited when I came across a list on Twitter with all the Google Tools and Apps, listed A-Z. There are so many great resources for educators and students. Steve provides a slideshow presentation of his favourite cool tools in this post.


9. Google A-Z 

This is a great Google Doc listing all the Googletools from A-Z. This is worth bookmarking.


10. How Google Docs’ research tool removes drudgery from reports and presentations

If you use Google’s free office suite, there’s an easy way to access everything you need for your report—a built in research tool that lets you search for the information you need and easily add it to the Google Doc or Google Slide you’re working on without having to leave the page. Here’s how to get started.


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