11 Great Google posts this week #32

After looking through all the Google posts that were shared to my various subscriptions recently, these are the ten that have caught my eye so far.

1. Microsoft Releases New Office Extension For Google Chrome


This is great news for Chrome users and even Chromebook users. Microsoft Office team released, a few days ago, a new Google Chrome extension that lets you create and open Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Sway documents using Office Online right from the Chrome browser. You can also use the extension to open and view existing Office documents stored on OneDrive, on OneDrive for Business and on your computer right from Chrome.


2. Google Classroom is not an LMS – it’s better!


Tom Malaney says: “Even the leading expert on Google Classroom, Alice Keeler, says it is not an LMS. She argues that Google Classroom is neither an LMS nor a CMS (Content Management System) because it  does not automate course enrollment, have a grade book, or house content. Alice Keeler is right. Google Classroom is not an LMS, it’s better. She goes on to define Google Classroom as “Google Drive Management.” This description is accurate. Google Drive Management is more valuable to students and teachers than what an LMS provides because Google Apps for Education (GAFE) are essential for collaboration and feedback. Students hone future-ready skills when they collaborate and give and receive feedback in the Google ecosystem. Google Classroom automates the distribution of Google Drive files. Conventional LMSs force teachers and students into time-wasting workarounds to access and share Google Drive files.”


3. How to Make a Copy of a Google Slides Presentation Marked as View Only


Richard Byrne says, “Last night I posted a copy of my iPad Summit presentation. The presentation was created in Google Slides. I forgot to share it as view only and instead only selected publish to the web in my settings. I have changed that setting so that now anyone who has a Google Account will be able to make a copy of the slides for themselves. To make a copy of a Google Slides presentation that you find on the web, click on the gear icon and select “open editor.” When the editor opens (you’ll need to be signed into your Google Account) select “make copy” from the File menu.”


4. The Kids’ Guide to Google Search


Every kid knows how to Google, but do they know how to Google well? A wealth of built-in — but sometimes hidden — features can help kids find the information they need much more efficiently than their usual shot-in-the-dark searches. A little Google technique can open up a world of trusted facts, homework boosters, and cool tricks to impress their friends (or their parents).


5. Seven Tools for Adding Questions and Notes to Videos


Short videos from YouTube and other sources can be quite helpful in introducing topics to students and or reinforcing concepts that you have taught. Watching the video can be enough for some students, it’s better if we can call students’ attention to specific sections of videos while they are watching them. The following tools allow you to add comments and questions to videos that you share with your students.


6. OpenEd Offers Thousands of Quizzes and Review Materials to Share in Google Classroom


OpenEd is a service that has offers a massive catalog of educational videos, games, and practice assessments that you can browse by topic, grade level, or Common Core standard. Today, OpenEd announced an improved integration with Google Classroom.
There are two ways that you can use OpenEd resources with Google Classroom. First, you can share resources from OpenEd to your Google Classroom classes by using the “share to Google Classroom” button within OpenEd resources. Second, you can now import your Google Classroom roster into OpenEd. Importing your roster will allow you to create collections of resources to share with your students instead of just sharing individual items.


7. Three easy ways to open and edit Office files on your Chromebook.


There are three easy ways to work on Office files on your Chromebook device. Using these three tips, you will be able to open and edit your Office files and also share them with others and start collaboratively editing them in real time. For these tips to work you need to make sure your Chromebook software is up to date and that you have the newest version of Google Drive.



8. Google Classroom – 9 tips for attaching Drive files


Alice Keeler says, “Adding files to Google Classroom is not the same as searching for files in Google Drive. Here are some tips to help you maximize your efficiency with attaching Google Drive files to Google Classroom.”


9. 25 Google Drive Tips You’ve Probably Never Heard Before


Process Street says, “Recently I moved over from Dropbox to Google Drive and found a few unexpected benefits. At first I had a little trouble managing the space since the 1TB on my Google Drive was bigger than my HDD, but after I got that sorted I started to learn some of the deeper features of Google Drive, some of which are pretty cool. Below is a list of the top tips and tricks I have learned from playing with Google Drive over the last few months.”


10. A Beginner’s Guide to Google Sheets for Educators


Jenny Kessman says, “The Google Apps for Education ecosystem provides teachers and students with countless ways to stay organized, get creative, and collaborate with others. One application that sometimes gets overlooked, though, is Google Sheets. Yeah, we know, spreadsheets aren’t the most fun or fascinating tool to play with, but there are powerful possibilities for using Google Sheets in education. Here are 22 ways you can get started with using Google Sheets in the classroom.


11. The Golden treasures of Google


In this presentation Casey Bell shares 30 Google treasures to try out. These are worth looking into.


That’s it for now. The rest of the Google links posts can be found at http://goo.gl/CNO3M2 

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