30 days of Google #1: Get to know the Chrome browser


Today I am starting a series of 30 posts about Google tools that I just love! Having recently returned from the Google Teacher Academy in New York and still basking in the memory of it all, I thought a 30 day series in conjunction with a short free online SchoolNet course on Google products would be very apt.  (Oh New York! I can hardly believe that thriving metropolis is being ravashed by Hurricane Sandy.)  To get back to Google products, for me there is no better place to start than the Chrome browser.  Have you tried Google Chrome? I have three browsers installed on my computer (Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox) but Google Chrome has fast become my firm favourite because it is so much more than a browser. Not only is it fast but all these amazing extensions make it a BRILLIANT surfing experience. 

How can I get started with Chrome?

I met so many technology legends at the Google Teacher Academy, one of whom is Amy Meyer of ‘Fried Technology’ fame. I learned so much from her – she was actually one of the Lead Learners as they were called in charge of a group of 6. I really couldn’t explain Chrome better than her. Just tune in to the screencast video below – you will be amazed at what this browser can achieve.  Amy (@friEdTechnology) calls her presentation ‘Google Chrome tips and tricks’.  This is a very good start to getting to know Chrome – but it also shows other aspects that I didn’t know about although I was a Chrome user. 

If you haven’t tried Chrome, why not download it to your computer and explore a little? Try following all the steps in Amy’s screencast. The great thing about Chrome is that when you sign in it syncs with all your devices and all the extensions are available on each one. 

In the next post I will show you some of the Google extensions that will make your life (and your students’ lives) so much easier, right there in your browsing experience. I’ll start with my favourites!  The sign up form for SchoolNet’s short free online Google course for our South African teachers will also be posted tomorrow.  

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