30 Days of Google #11: How to create a new circle in Google+

Google+ works on the concept of circles each with the level of privacy that you decide on. This post shows you how to create a circle after you have completed your profile in Google+.

1. Make sure you have joined Google+ (on the top left of your Gmail account) and have filled in your profile.After doing that go to your Google+ page and go down the left side till you get to Circles. Click on ‘Create a circle’.


2. Give your circle a name i.e. My technology friends


3. Now choose how you are going to find people for your circle. Click on ‘Add a new person’


4. A number of selections will come up in which case you click on the picture you recognise.


5. However if you don’t know the person which is possible in our case rather use the email address and only one person will show up. Click on the name and add that person.


Why not create a circle following the steps above? (Choose a few folk that you know have gmail addresses.)  Then send a message to that circle. To reinforce your learning about circles, here is a video that explains it really well.

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How to create circles in Google+

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