30 Days of Google #14: How to create a live Hangout on Air


I have been quite fascinated by the concept of a Google Hangout plus the concept of Google+ Hangouts On Air, which lets you broadcast to an unlimited audience.  I have experienced both and this is a real hit from Google. (I can’t say that I fully understand it all perfectly) yet I must admit! In this post I want to talk more about the live Hangout on Air and show how to create one.

What exactly is a Google Hangout on Air?

A normal Hangout can only have ten viewers but Hangouts On Air allow you to publicly broadcast your Hangouts on YouTube and your Google+ stream for anyone to watch. This is amazing – it’s like having your own live video show on the web!

When broadcasting, your video will stream live on your YouTube account as well as on your Google+ stream. This means you can share your YouTube URL with anyone who wants to watch your broadcast live or they can watch in your Google+ stream.

So what is the process then for a hangout on Air?

Here is a brief summary:

1. Create your hangout or schedule your hangout and invite people.
If you invite more than 25 people they won’t get a personal invite but
the invitation will rather just occur in your stream.
Also note that this is the time you have to decide whether it will be a Hangout on air. Check the button that enables Hangouts on Air.

2. Prepare your YouTube channel.This might only be necessary the first time you use a Google+ hangout

3. Edit Your Hangout When Complete

After your Hangout On Air, you can edit the video in your YouTube account(connected to your Google+ account). Simply go to your Video Manager page and click on the Video Editor link on top of the page.

4. Share Your Recorded HangoutOnce you’re happy with your video, you can then share it just like any other YouTube video.

A Slideshare on how to create a live Hangout on Air

Please take a look at this SlideShare entitled, ‘How to create a Google+ Hangout on Air’ and which has more detail on how to create a Hangout on Air.

How to conduct a Google+ Hangout on air from Fiona Beal

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