30 days of Web Tools: #3: Vocaroo.com and other great free online audio recorders

The Internet has a wonderful array of free online recorders that can be very
useful in a classroom. In this post I will mention seven of them and in the Slideshare that follows I have added instructions on how to use them. Most of these are really easy to use, especially as they don’t require one to download any software. Audio recordings are very useful for reading – I have used them in a project where a class shared the books we were reading with another class.  Apart from that they can be used for quick audio messages on a blog or wiki.


vocaroo1Vocaroo.com has long been a favourite of mine when it comes to creating a quick sound file to either display on a blog or wiki, or even send by email to a friend or colleague. It is also useful to use for projects.



A useful site where you can type a message and it is read out using a voice synthesiser. There doesn’t seem to be a limit to the length of the message. You can share the link to share the message. You can change the pitch, speed and more. It’s a great way of giving instructions or homework over the net.


imageFree text to speech. Uses the world’s best text to speech (TTS) software. Upload documents, cut and paste text or link to feeds. Text reader converts text to speech automatically. Download audio and podcasts. It’s fast and easy to use. Get started right away! No software to download or install. Unlike all other TTS websites, YAKiToMe! is 100% free!



Audioboo is a mobile & web platform that effortlessly allows you to record and share audio for your friends, family or the rest of the world to hear.  You can use it for reporting, for story-telling, educational use or quick tips.


croak.it1Croak.it is an online recorder where you use your voice everywhere. Push! Speak! Share! There is a video with instructions on Facebook Your crak.it can be shared via Facbook, twitter ora mediukm of your choice.


TalktyperTalktyper is free speech to text dictation software in a browser. To work Talktyper you click the microphone and speak. The dictated words appear in the upper box. Dictate about one sentence at a time. When the speech is recognized, it will appear in red. Note that you can also dictate basic punctuation by saying things like “period”, “question mark”, “new paragraph”, etc. You then edit and click the arrow to move the text into the main body of the application.


vozMe1From text to speech (speech synthesis). online tool that offers applications and services to convert text into speech. vozMe uses speech synthesis

How to use these online audio recorders

Online audio recorders

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