30 days of Web Tools:#5: Create your own multimedia Qwiki

I first read about this tool (http://www.qwiki.com/) on the blog of The Educational Technology Guy, who found out about it at a Teacheet in the USA. That is how news spreads! This tool looks really great for students to use to create informative, interactive multimedia presentations very easily.

Qwiki encyclopaedia

I have always known Qwiki as a visual encyclopaedia with over 3 million entries but somehow I can’t find a way of getting there directly unless I add a URL that I already know. From there the other resources can be accessed. For example I clicked on this URL about Ancient Egypt ( http://www.qwiki.com/q/Ancient_Egypt) and came up with the search site button seen on the top right of this image below.


What exactly is a Qwiki made using Qwiki creator?

Now Qwiki has added a Qwiki creator. This Qwiki creator is a type of a search engine that aids you in creating a lovely multimedia presentation on a topic of your choice. It doesn’t give you links but rather creates a multimedia presentation around your search item. Consequently it creates a story consisting of images, text, audio and video on your subject. You can add narration or use their digital voices. The recording above gives the idea of how a Qwiki multimedia presentation plays.  You’ll notice a film strip that appears below which enables you to ski to another part of the presentation.The site provided a demo video 

Play the Qwiki: Qwiki Demo & Background


How to make your own Qwiki

1. Sign up to the site.
2. Once you have signed up it will be a good idea to watch their introductory video that tells you all the steps. I have embedded it below. 

Play the Qwiki: The Qwiki Creator


3. Upload your content or link references in the exact order that you wish everything to appear. This necessitates careful planning. Voice recordings are limited to 20 seconds.

4. Caption your content. You are presented with a grid to caption your all your content. This is where you insert your links. 

When you sign in it seems that everything is clearly indication at the place where you create your Qwiki. 

Qwiki in the classroom

1. I haven’t actually created my own Qwiki yet, but plan to! It seems to be a great way to get students creating a multimedia presentation for a project.

2. Students could also use the Qwiki encyclopaedia site to learn information from their 3 million plus entries. 

3. Teachers could also create great resources for their classess using Qwiki.

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