30 Days of Web tools: #8: Use Mergely to edit and compare documents

Have you ever tried to open two documents to compare them? You wish you could see immediately what changes you have already made? Comparing, editing and sharing documents is really a way of life for most of us – and Mergely provides a way of doing this easily. 

What is Mergely and how does it work?

Mergely is a useful online tool that can help you merge text documents and highlight changes made to existing documents.  To do this you open Mergely and paste the original document into the left column. Make changes in the right hand version and the edited changes can then e seen in the right column.When you are finished you can generate and share a URL and send the documents to someone else. 



What are the Mergely buttons used for?



Next to the search box, you will find seven buttons.
*The first one is a search button.
The second one lets you replace the right file with the left or the inverse.
*The third one is for swapping left and right.
*The next one clears the entire scroll area, and the last button is to download and save a file.
*The next two buttons are are download buttons (one as a .diff file)
*The last one is to open a file on your computer and load it if you so wish.



The main save button allows you to save a file online. When you click on save a message appears.


Two new buttons appear.


‘Share’  gives you a URL that you can share and open from any remote location.


‘Fork’ creates a new version of the same documents with a new unique URL. It helps for multiple sharing and making back up copies.

Summary of features

  • Free and easy to use.
  • Compare documents and highlight changes.
  • Upload documents from your PC
  • Either download or share these as a unique URL.

Classroom uses

  • This is a handy tool for Language teachers to teach writing composition and show how to edit a document.
  • A useful feature is the ability to share a URL to share with others. This will enable documents to be passed around
  • Students could use Mergely to review a document without editing the original.
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