30 Days of Webtools #27: Discover the benefits of YouTube in the classroom

Recently I have become very aware of the benefits of YouTube for an educator. There are amazing resources for the classroom – one can so easily start making a collection of useful clips that can add spice to your daily lessons.

Here are some ideas:

1. Chop videos using TubeChop

Using TubeChop you can cut interesting bits out of a YouTube video and keep the link. (If you wanted to download it you would probaby have to use Screencastomatic to record the clip)


2. Use KeepVid to download YouTube movies



KeepVid is amazing for downloading a movie as an MP4 and then renaming it and storing it on your computer. You could go the extra step and use Windows Movie maker to chop the piece that you particularly like and store that clip on your computer.

3. Make
your own instructional videos with TED

TED has a great service for educators where you can make a video using online material and create a lesson around it.  This is very useful for the flipped classroom approach. 

4. Create a free SchoolTube channel or TeacherTube channel

If you create videos with your class, either a School Tube or Teacher Tube channel will be a great way to you to store all your videos in one online location for easy access.

So, the above-mentioned applications provide just a few ways that you can make YouTube a great classroom resource. Please take a look through the Slideshare below for more detail. Perhaps you know of even more applications or ideas that you can share with us?

Discover you tube from Fiona Beal

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