A great competition for Apple users in South Africa…Apple in education competition 2015

Recently we had an email sent to us from Think Ahead about their upcoming competition with the closing date in September.  This looks really exciting! The actual website http://www.aecza.co.za/ gives a selection of curriculum challenge categories to choose from:


In the email the first challenge called Shape of My World had some tips and ideas attached as follows?

To inspire your students:

Here are some tips and ideas for one of the curriculum challenge categories. This challenge can be applied across grades and subjects..

Design an animated interactive tour in your area that will highlight all tourists attractions. Your tour should include cultural activities, sight seeing, local tips etc.

Who are you? What defines you? Your culture? Your religion? Your choice in music? What are your challenges as a teenager? Share this in the most creative way possible. A jigsaw puzzle of your life?

Exploring different languages in South Africa and your community.Which words are uniquely South African? Explore languages, slang associated with specific cultural groups. How has social media changed the way we communicate?

What shapes make up your world? (Triangles , circles , squares) Look around your class, home, playground and garden. What shapes can you see? Express this in the form of a story book; a film; poster or creative drawing.

What newsworthy item has shaped today’s world? Explore current affairs, the news headings – how has it affected me?

Suggested apps for this particular challenge:


Visit the website today (http://www.aecza.co.za/) and find out more!

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