African Storybook project update – folktales your students will love

The African Storybook Project is a wonderful Literacy website with a wide range of stories from Grades 1-3 learners in a multitude of African languages. Visit to see the amazing spread. The stories and folktales have beautiful illustrations, can be read online or they can be downloaded as PDFs and made into hand-held books. Best is that the African Storybook Project is OER and uses Creative Commons licensing which enables the books to be adapted if so desired.

In their latest newsflash the African Storybook Project highlights some of their most translated folktales. Folktales are one of the oldest genres of stories, and they usually have an important life lesson to teach us. Girl who got rich Why hippos have no hair Anansi and Turtle King of the birds Khayanga and her gourd How night came to Opio’s village Nonkungu and the imbulu Demane and Demazane Mulongo and the hyenas Children of wax

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