All Things Google – a collection of tutorial videos embedded on a Slideshare

I absolutely LOVE this feature of Slideshare where you can embed YouTube videos within Slideshare instead of having a string of them on your blog page. Well, today I got rather ambitious and thought I would gather a collection of the Google tutorials I have been learning from recently…12 videos… to see if adding a large amount of videos would work. It seems that it does work. Well, it was a lengthy affair because I first got all the urls incorrect. You have to use the url that shows under the video after clicking on ‘Share’. Two of the videos would just not take! So, instead of redoing the whole thing and replacing my Slideshare, I thought that I would post it for now…and return to the problem on another occasion. 

All things Google – a collection of tutorials

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Application for teaching

1. You could have your lesson planned and outlined on Slideshare and as you go through it your video clips and even your Screencasts if it was a technology linked lesson could be right there. If this was placed on your classroom blog the students could access it that evening to review.

2. Slideshare has another feature which I am going to try next where you can use a widget and include  a whole lot of lessons you have created using videos and Slideshare presentations; and can link them in a playlist down the side.  Here is an image of this done by Judi Barrett (after which I will give the link to the real thing).

You can see what I mean by viewing the real thing at:

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