An awesome Android (and iPad) app – Book Creator. A must for every mobile classroom. Try it…

Submitted by Fiona Beal 

Book Creator has to be one of my favourite iPad apps. So when it was released as an ANDROID app as well I was absolutely thrilled! This is an app that is a must in every mobile device classroom. It allows creativity and collaboration. You can use text, video, photos, camera, sound, video camera and imported video. I have been researching some of the ways Book Creator can be used in the classroom and in this post I will outline them.


With this Android app you can publish and share multi-media book creations in a variety of ways!


If we select ‘Share book’ these are the options that open up.  One Drive and ‘Lan Share’ appear further down. (In the iPad version one can also exxport as a PDF or export as a video!)


What is the Android version of Book Creator all about?

Watch the short promo video

How do I get Book Creator on Google Play?

For Android there is a free version as well as a paid version costing R25.



Ideas for the classroom

1. Your students could introduce themselves use Book Creator.

Note below how you can add text, photos, videos and audio.


Taken from 

2. Use Book Creator to create a newsletter


3. You could run a global project using Book Creator


Read Meg Wilson’s delightful blog post at  She says that she “sent out a tweet on Twitter asking for anyone using the Book Creator app to send us a page about their location, and I was shocked by the amount of people who wanted to participate in the global book.”


4. Use Book Creator as a research tool

                                             Students working on their iPads

“These primary school children from Moshoeshoe Primary School in South Africa  had to create their own books about a topic. In this case it was about the different cultures in South Africa. They had to create a book in English, which is not their mother tongue, and then they had to present their final product to the class. They were working in groups of two, and it was amazing to see how easy they navigated the Book Creator app, and how their terminology incorporated ‘shelves’, a ‘first draft’ and “editing”. Taken from

5. Record a Science observation

This group of students discovered that the classroom’s praying mantis egg sacs had hatched new baby praying mantises! They needed to set them free as they can actually eat each other if you don’t get them a food source quickly enough. The class worked in groups using Book Creator to document their investigation and release.


They snapped pictures, added information, worked on phonics skills, main ideas, retelling information in their own words, and more and it ended up as a great collaborative project. You can download their ePub book from their classroom blog: 

6. More ideas

Look at all these examples of how Book Creator can be used in the  classroom presented on an interative Thinglink image called ‘Oh, The Many Wonderful Uses of Book Creator App

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