Android #9: Download and use the Edmodo App for a unique classroom experience

It is a great idea to use a Learning Platform in your classroom. such as Edmodo or Obami. In this post we will look at Edmodo which has an Android App and is currently used by 30 million users around the world.  Edmodo is said to currently be the world’s largest K-12 social learning network. It is described as ‘learning made social’

What is Edmodo

I have always described Edmodo as (and seen Edmodo described as) a Learning Management System (LMS) but a recent letter on the Edmodo blog from the CEO of Edmodo states that this is not so. “First and foremost Edmodo is not an LMS. Edmodo is a free, teacher-centered social learning platform. Powered by a global network of teachers and students, Edmodo emphasizes collaboration, discovery and sharing of new resources and best practices, access to the latest educational apps, and classroom management tools.”

Download Edmodo for Android on Google Play


Features  of Edmodo

Edmodo takes learning beyond the classroom by providing a free, safe place for teachers and students to connect and collaborate—anytime, anywhere. Unlike an LMS, Edmodo lets you seamlessly integrate and manage e-learning. Join the over 30 million people already on Edmodo and see how easy it is to:

• Create secure groups that take learning beyond the classroom
• Connect and collaborate with students and fellow teachers
• Foster and continue discussions outside of school hours
• Post and turn in assignments, polls, and more
• Track progress and performance with a built-in gradebook
• Upload and share files, photos, and videos

Useful posts on using Edmodo

One of the really good posts that comes to mind for this social learning network is one from Emerging EdTech called ‘10 Reasons Why Edmodo is an Excellent (and Hugely Popular) Digital Learning Platform’. This is an excellent post to read and it is accompanied by a video explanation from Kelly Walsh.


How to get started with Edmodo (tutorial)

Russel Stannard’s tutorials have world wide acclaim, so I am adding one of his videos on using Edmodo if you’d like to find out as much as you can about this amazing application.


Edmodo Help Centre
Edmodo has a great Help Centre that has screencasts and tutorials to help you with any problem. See

Further reading and viewing

1) One of my new favourites for collecting lists of resources is Listly and here is a useful list of Edmodo resources using this tool:
2) 3) A great Edmodo cheat sheet
3) Edmodo posts on the SchoolNet blog
a) Introduce your class to Edmodo – a great Learning Management System
b) 30 Days of webtools: #22 Use Edmodo or Obami as free interactive classroom management tools

4) A handy guide to everything a teacher needs to know about Edmodo
5) Russel Stannards two training vidoes on Edmodo
6) Using Edmodo in the iPad classroom
7) 10 reasons I love using Edmodo in my iPad classroom…

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