Can an individual start the change process towards embracing ICT at a school? Some ideas…

The new technologies that are developing rapidly in our digital world require a change of direction in education. We are preparing our students for an unknown future, one where employers will appreciate employees who know not only how to access information but also know how to analyse and evaluate what they find.  After looking through the videos mentioned in a previous post I thought about the fact that very often an individual at a school may have the vision for change before the management catches on. 

Very often, in a school, there is one person, a champion teacher almost, who has a vision for change but everyone else seems to want to just carry on in the same vein. Ultimately the only way real change can happen is if the leaders take the challenge and create, lead and manage an effective change management policy. In this post we’ll look to see how an individual can start the ball rolling.

Consequently it was very interesting to watch these two videos on Mr Kemp’s blog outlining the change process.

1) The Three Carriage Train

Craig Kemp likened a school to a three-carriage train  and shows how every school has people in each carriage. The front carriage has the early adopters, the middle carriage has those who could be interested and the back carriage has those who are not interested. He says “I always start by investing about 80% of my time and energy into the people in the middle carriage, because the back carriage will sap all of my energy initially (they can wait) and the front carriage people are already doing amazing things with technology. The idea behind this is simple, get your first follower and start a movement!”

b) First Follower: Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy

The second video shows the change process, as initiated by an individual, in action. It demonstrates the dynamics of how individuals can start inspiring others around them.  It is about getting the first follower and starting a movement! Below you can view this interesting video followed by Craig Kemp’s takeways from the video.


Be sure to read Craig Kemp’s original post here


Generally speaking, as mentioned,  the change process can start with an individual, but to be really effective it needs to be caught and developed by the school leadership. The challenge to individuals is to continue making the difference – it could start a movement!

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