Collaborate with a country new to your experience

Are you planning a collaborative project this year or next year? Have you considered linking with a school in Israel? I must confess I have done projects with schools in many countries but have never had a school from Israel among them. Via Twitter (@Langwitches) I came across this link today.  It seems that RT the Israel Ministry of Education looking  for twin schools around the world

The website says that “collaboration and communication is one of the main outputs of the National ICT Program.  Students are expected to perform learning tasks while using a variety of collaborative tools available on-line. Our goal is to promote intercultural communication between schools from different sectors, cities or countries. Herewith is a list of 20 Israeli exemplary schools which demonstrate broader integration of ICT along with the use of advanced pedagogical processes.One may find a diversity of population and form of habitat in this list: Jewish, Arab, Druse, observant (religious) or secular in central urban cities, development towns, rural settlement areas with cooperatives like Moshav or Kibbutz and so on.”

It goes on to provide a list of schools with contact details.

Mmm, this could be a way of linking with a country new to one’s experience.  I wonder if language would be a problem? Why not consider writing to one of these schools?

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