Conference highlights #15: ‘Letters of appreciation from five Telkom teachers who attended the SchoolNet conference as sponsored delegates’

The Telkom Foundation sponsored a number of teachers to the SchoolNet ICT in the Classroom Conference in July this year. In this post we feature the five letters of appreciation we received from these teachers with their thoughts about the conference and how it impacted them.

Neliswa Ester Zini from Queenstown

This serves to notify you that I enjoyed the conference. Everything about it was excellent. I gained a lot from the presentations and keynotes, now I know how to attract my learner’s attention, how to make them to be enthusiastic all the time  through teaching with technology. I am adamant that I can slowly turn around the vicious cycle of failure experienced by learners with barriers to learning, particularly those with learning disabilities as I am presently teaching in an inclusive classroom in the mainstream school. I feel so much happiness inside my heart, thanks to you for the lifetime experience. I love you. Please notify me about everything happening to schoolnet, I don’t want to miss anything. I tried to download twitter but I see people I do not know, I want to follow you, please help.

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Lebo Kola from Adamsonvlei Intermediate Farm School

Thanks  for the wonderful  conference  that  we attended. First I want to thanks  for everything  that was  provided  for us.The  transport, the food , the entertainment  and the accommodation was excellent. Thank you very  much. The  purpose of the  conference, the mission  was achieved. We really did learn. We are going to implement  it. Using ICT by integrating with  curriculum  is all much easier  than we thought  before.We really appreciate everything. Thank you.


Mrs Vuyiswa Futshane

WOW” What a GREAT  EVENT! It was my first, great time to experience  such an amazing, great event ever. Everything was  GREAT – the welcoming, exhibitions for beginners, the flight, the food, the guest house, the tutors who were well prepared, the different sessions, and the mood and atmosphere which was conducive for learning.

We learnt a lot:

  • How to integrate curriculum CAPS and Technology.
  • How to create learning activities using free tools eg You Tube, Sway
  • Sharing and collaboration using Social networking and blogging.
  • Learning how the 21st century child learns because whether we like it  or not TECHNOLOGY is here to stay.

It is true that we are not going to  be  able  to predict the skills that people will need in 20 years to come. As teachers we need to rethink the way we teach to make sure our students will be  successful in future. That’s why my colleagues and I came to the conclusion after the  conference that we should form a cluster and report back to our teachers and  colleagues in neighbouring  schools to make sure that what we’ve learnt from the conference is known and implemented successfully.Thank you!

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Mpote Dazola

The conference was pleasure and eye opener for me. The sessions I attended removed the fears I previously had about the use of technology in teaching. When I attended Twitter For Beginners it was amazing. Ms. Mokhudu Machaba showing how a 21st century Child Learns – wow. Mr Stuart Ball’s keynote address was marvellous. The superb address in the main hall by Ms. Holly Clark-Disrupt Education. This presentation was really superb. The whole ICT Conference was more than well organised. The stalls were  helpful. The DBE presentation on SASAMS assisted me. The food, accommodation and transport to and from the Conference venue was good. The SchoolNet team welcomed us warmly on arrival and took care of us throughout the conference. What a night out we had for dinner at Moyo. As I land I am humbly pleased to be given such chance to experience ICT at work. Thank you SchoolNet and all your sponsors. Lastly on a very light note I missed my lucky prize I won due to flight times.

Mzwakayise Lulwase

The conference was very informative.
 was well organised, and it taught me a lot of things
about ICT like the world is interconnected. through networking and you can get
a lot of information. I didn’t know how to use the Internet but now I’m better
off than I was. I’m so motivated to use the computer now. Thank so much
SchoolNet and telkom. The conference also thought me to start using the 
little information about technology that I understand.

Elaine Calitz

The Conference was a good learning school.  I absolutely realize how important and easy technology make our lives and changes learners lives. A sense of positivity prevailed.  The speakers were good and professional.   Thanks for all the arrangements and the way we were spoiled during the conference. We appreciate it very much.

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