Google #16: Convert your blog to an editable file on your computer!


Submitted by Fiona Beal

Recently I have read a couple of intriguing blog posts about the importance of backing up your blog, and even using sites such as BlogBooker to make a PDF or printed book of your blog – and I thought that today would be the day to try some of these ideas.

What is BlogBooker?

BogBooker advertises itself like this: “BlogBooker: From your Blog to a Book.”


The website says that “BlogBooker produces a high-quality PDF Blog Book from all your blog’s entries and comments. Archives can be generated from any blog running on WordPress, LiveJournal or Blogger. The whole process takes about 3-4 minutes, depending on the size of your blog. Blogbooker is a free service offered thanks to donations.“

How does it work?

  • You submit an export file provided by your blog system to BlogBooker.
  • Your file is verified and all linked images are fetched.
  • Entries, comments and Images are assembled into a high-quality PDF.
  • The PDF is provided without any restriction and thus can be submitted for printing to third-parties. 
  • High quality images are only allowed if you donate.

The first step

Before you start you need to export your blog and download it as a .xml file and store it on your computer. Most blogs tell you how to do this under ‘Settings’. 


How to export your blog to Blogbooker

Once you open BlogBooker and add your blog details it helps you with this process. All you have to do is follow the prompts and make a few decisions about the final outcome.

What happens if you are not satisfied with the PDF?

This is what happened to me! I wasn’t happy with the layout but was unable to edit it as it was in PDF format. So then I set about finding a free PDF to Word Converter. I decided on ‘Free PDF to Word Converter’, downloaded it and set about the conversion process.


The result was great. I could edit the pages and move the layouts and images around.


A SlideShare of the process!
I thought I would document my journey with this process on a Slideshare. Here it is…

Convert your blog to a PDF and a Word file from Fiona Beal

Educational use

1. If you have a classroom blog you can export it, download it and give it to your students as a memory of their year with you at school.
2. You can also turn your blog PDF into a hard covered book format with one of the web services that do this. BlogBooker has a suggestion for this.
3. You can create a memoir of your year at school recording your journey in teaching year by year. Imagine how you’ll feel at retirement one day with a collection of memories in this format.

Try it! It would be interesting to hear how you went about this. 

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