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Tagxedo is a free, web-based word cloud creator. Word clouds are visual images made up of words from various sources. The interesting thing that sets Tagxedo apart from other word cloud creatores is that you can place your words into an interesting shape. You can also add colour and different fonts to the words.  The size of the text in the word cloud is dependant on how many times a particular word is added to the word cloud.

My students love using Tagxedo. One of the advantages is that you are not required to log in to the programme.

Getting started using Tadxedo

1. Open your browser at  You will most likely have to install Microsoft Silverlight if you are working from a Windows machine.  Select “yes” when the window pops up asking you to install Microsoft Silverlight. A sample word cloud will appear.

2. Once in Tagxedo you will be faced with a page as shown below. Look for the word CREATE to make a start.


3. After clicking Create you will be taken to the main page which contains the toolbar on the left and a sample word cloud on the right.


4. The first hyperlink to click on in the toolbar is LOAD. This is where your students will type in their own words into the text box which says “enter text”.


5. Enter your text and click Submit when done.  Once the basic shape has accepted the words cloze this word box.


6. Now you will click on THEME to make some colour and background choices.  After that choose COLOUR to get variations of the theme.


7. Click on the arrow next to FONT. Font will allow you to choose the style of writing you would like to use.


8. Select the arrow next to ORIENTATION to choose the way you’d like the words to run.


9. After that choose SHAPE to select the shape that appeals to you.


10. Now you have your shape!


How to save a word cloud

Click the save menu to save your word cloud. Choose the size you want.


The final saved word cloud!


How to use Tagxedo (video tutorial)

Here is a video tutorial on how to use Tagxedo. This video tutorial by Reflective Maths shows you how to get started with Tagxedo. 

How can you use Tagxedo in the classroom?

Here is a collection of 101 ways to use Tagxedo.

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