Creative Writing #14: Have you explored using Kerpoof for digital storytelling?

Kerpoof as a writing tool was brought to my attention by one of our SchoolNet members, Warren Sparrow from Rondebosch Boys Prep. He has a post about Kerpoof on his blog ( and he has even created the first part of his own fairytale.

What is Kerpoof?

This is what it says on the Kerpoof website

“Kerpoof’s multimedia software is used by kids worldwide to create original artwork, animated movies, stories, greeting cards and more. The site is meant to be fun, but we’re serious about its educational value. Elementary and middle school teachers can use Kerpoof in many ways to enhance classroom activities while meeting a range of educational standards.”


What does a Kerfoof video look like?

This is what Warren Sparrow writes on his blog. “Make your own animations. This is SUPER COOL and easy to use.Ideal for younger learners! Click below to see my start of a fairytale

Thanks for this Warren. I have put this into a Screencastomatic video for easier viewing on the blog.

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