Dangers when working with shared documents or folders in Google Drive that have the permission to edit…

imageIf you research how the sharing of documents or folders in Google Drive, some alarming facts emerge especially if those documents allow one to edit. For example you may want participants to be able to to share documents from a recent conference. This can cause some real problems if anyone decides to move a folder.

What are these alarming facts or problems?

The main problem is that whatever you do with that folder or document, it will remain attached to the original https://goo.gl/tLGMjX and has to be handled with care or the files can disappear.

The dangers

If you move a file/folder out of the original shared folder by mistake it is no longer available to others. Even if you save the folder/file to your own drive it still remains in the original shared folder.

Here is a quote from Chris Betcha highlighting this problem. “Because you can share Google Docs, there are some interesting things you can do as far as filing your shared documents. Moving a Doc that’s been shared with you does not affect the original owner’s view of the same Doc. Same with a Folder… file away. But don’t move a file out of a Shared folder, or things will start getting messy…

The rule

Never remove a file from a shared folder wherever it is placed as it will affect the original folder. This image makes the point:


What is the BEST way to get your own copy of a presentation from the recent SchoolNet Conference for example?

If you have a link to the folder, right click on the file/folder and select Download. It will now download to your computer and  if it is a Google Doc it will convert to the relevant Microsoft application. If it is a folder it will download as a zipped folder.

Caution  is advised when making copies for your own Google Drive

If you want to just have the folder in your own Google Drive to view when necessary please take note of these cautions:

  1. Share the file or folder with yourself by right-clicking on it, choosing Share and adding your email address on the box that comes up.
  2. Go to your Google Drive where you’ll find the shared file/folder. Right click on it and ADD IT to your Google Drive.
  3. Do not ever move anything out of the folder as it will affect the original folder.

Watch this short video by Chris Betcha explaining the process and the dangers. He calls it ‘Moving Google Docs’ or ‘Where did my Google Doc go?.’


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