Did you know about these six things you can do to a PDF file?

Submitted by Fiona Beal
PDF (portable document format files) files are mainly meant for viewing rather than editing files. They are popular because they preserve the original formatting of a document and can easily be opened if you have the Free Adobe Acrobat program installed on your computer. There was a time when PDFs were thought of as secure documents that couldn’t be tampered with. It seems that this is no longer the case. This article looks at 6 interesting things you can do with a PDF other than reading it. 

1. Extract images, tests and fonts

With this free online tool you can extract images, text or font from a PDF file. No installation or registration is necessary

2. Split a PDF

Did you know that you can split a PDF file online into several pieces online, free?

3. Reduce the size of a PDF file:

Whatever need you have for smaller PDF files, a range of services can compress your files down to a more manageable size. Take a look at the selection of the four best ways to do this in this post.

4. Convert a PDF to Microsoft Word

There are many ways you can convert a PDF to a Word document. Here is one to use. If you have Microsoft Word 2016, you can convert a PDF file to a Word file by following these steps.

  • Open Microsoft Word 2016.
  • In the left navigation pane, select the Open option.
  • On the Open screen, select the Browse option.
  • In the Open window, click on the PDF Files (*.pdf) you wish to convert.
  • Start the conversion process

5. Convert a PDF to PowerPoint 


Use this online converter to convert PDF files to Microsoft PowerPoint documents. Unfortunately this is not a free service. 

6. Edit a PDF file and resave it as a PDF

Did you know that you can edit a PDF and then resave it as a PDF? The instructions below are taken from the article ‘How to edit a PDF file’ https://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch001301.htm

“To edit a PDF file using the PDF Import Extension, follow the steps below.

  • If you don’t already have OpenOffice installed on your computer, download and install OpenOffice. It is a complete suite of free productivity software that includes OpenOffice Draw.
  • After installing OpenOffice, run the PDF Import Extension.
  • Next, open the program OpenOffice Draw.
  • Once open, navigate to the PDF you want to edit and open it.
  • After the PDF has been open, edit any text field by double-click it. If you want to add new text, click the Text link at the bottom of the window, and then click where you want to add text.
  • Finally, after you have finished editing the file click the PDF link to export the file as a PDF”.

The PDF Candy Site

Lastly, a great site to bookmark for converting documents to PDF is PDF candy https://pdfcandy.com/ PDF Candy is an all-in-one online tool to manage PDFs and it probably covers some of the six ideas mentioned above.

Think about exploring PDFs with some of these tools. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll discover!

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