Digital storytelling #4: Where can I find free images and sound effects for digital storytelling?

Submitted by Fiona Beal

We are presenting a series of four posts about digital storytelling. The first three in the series have already been posted: Digital storytelling #1: What exactly is digital storytelling? Digital storytelling #2: How do I get started writing a digital story?Digital storytelling #3: Which tools can I use for creating a digital storyToday we review places to find free images and sound effects for digital storytelling. 

Digital Storytelling combines writing, images, music, voice and video to create a personal multimedia story
. The Internet is full of places where one can find free images and sound resources to use in your digital stories. Here are just a few.

(1) Best Online Sources for Images

Larry Ferlazzo has a great website with a Best of series for all sorts of things. One of his Best Of collections is called ‘The Best Online Sources for Images’. He has collected numerous sites where one can find either Public Domain or Creative Commons images to use.


(2) There are a number of free-to-use clipart sites

There are many sites to find free clipart sites such as,, Click on this link to be taken to 15 Great Places to find free clipart.  The image below is taken from one of these sites 


(3) Best  websites to find free sound effects

There are many sites that offer free sound effects and free music for digital storytelling. You’ll find a great collection at this link and also at this link. One of these is .


Why not try making a digital story? You’ll love the experience and the outcome!

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