Digital Storytelling #7-Different ways of uploading presentations to the web

Submitted by Fiona Beal

These are free Web2.0 applications for uploading a presentation to the web so that it can be viewed online.

A. SlideShare (

imageSlideShare is the world’s largest and leading online community for hosting, discovering and sharing presentations. It is safe to say that SlideShare has become a must-have tool in every presenter’s toolbox today. Business professionals, teachers, public speakers and students alike often use it to find inspiration and ideas, learn or present their own work here.

Although SlideShare is a great way to place a presentation online it cannot include audio unfortunately. That feature was discontinued in April this year. If you have an iPad you’ll probably need to upload to the web browser version of SlideShare. If you have Android you’ll need to download the SlideShare Presentation App

Here are some of the instructions:

a) Add a PowerPoint to Slideshare: How to upload PowerPoints to SlideShare

b) Add a Keynote presentation to Slideshare: Upload Apple Keynote to SlideShare

c) Add a Google presentation to Slideshare: New Feature: How to import your Google Documents to SlideShare (Update)

B. AuthorStream (

AuthorStream is a similar application to SlideShare but it does allow the use of sound as well. It is a free platform for uploading, hosting and sharing PowerPoint and other type of presentations online. It has a pretty large user base and helps you discover great presentations in various categories: business and finance, education, product manuals, science, technology, and many others.

Here are some of the instructions:

a) Add a PowerPoint to Authorstream – How to add audio in your presentation:

b) Upload and share Keynote presentations to Authorstream

c) It doesn’t seem that Google presentations can be uploaded to Authrorstream – they would have to be downloaded as PowerPoints first.

C. Other examples

However, SlideShare and AuthorStream are not the only websites that specializes in hosting and sharing presentations. There are other great, high-quality sites that let you upload, host and create or discover great presentations and slideshows shared by other presenters. The following section comes from a blogpost found at

1. Empressr  – a free online tool for creating rich media presentations without having to be a technology expert. Add images, video, audio and music to your Empressr presentations to create visual stories and share them privately or publicly in an instant.

2. MyPlick is a free service for sharing, embedding and discovering slide shows and presentations on the web. They support Microsoft PowerPoint, PDF and OpenOffice documents for slides, and various audio formats if you want to add narration to your presentations.

3. PowerShow – yet another community for hosting, sharing and viewing PowerPoint presentations online. It converts uploaded PowerPoint slides to multimedia Flash slideshows while preserving all types of embedded effects, photos and live links to YouTube videos. Everyone can publicly share and view personal and educational presentations for free. PowerShow additionally allows its users to earn money with their presentations by marking them as “pay to view” and setting a price for viewing them.

4. Prezi – a virtual whiteboard for transforming presentations into compelling stories and visually flowing lessons. Prezi is perfect for creating impressive resumes (calledPresumes) and portfolios that will undoubtedly help opportunity and job seekers to stand out from the crowd.

5. Projeqt – create and share dynamic presentations from scratch or by converting old static slides. Simply upload PowerPoint, PDF or multiple image files at once and create a dynamic and portable online Projeqt with no coding required. Created Projeqts can be embedded and shared anywhere.

6. Reel – present your ideas online and get feedback. The app allows you to upload your slides asdocuments in the PDF, PPT or DOC file formats or as images (JPG, PNG, GIF), describe them, and share.

7. SlideBoom – an easy to use online slide hosting service. This service allows you to upload, convert PowerPoint presentations and slideshows to Flash and share them online. You can also search for presentations in more than 30 categories and 100 different languages.

8. SlideRocket – an online tool for creating, sharing and managing presentations. It allows you to import your existing PowerPoint presentations or create SlideRockets from scratch.

9. SlideServe – one more way to take your PowerPoint presentations online and share them privately or publicly with others. You can email presentations hosted on SlideServe or embed them to blogs and social networking sites.

10. SlideWorld  – a medical PPT search engine geared toward health professionals and students worldwide. Users can upload and share their presentations as well as browse over 700,000 educational medical presentations.

11. SpeakerDeck – upload your PDF slides and turn them into online presentations. Once uploaded to the site, presentations can be described, added to an appropriate category, and shared with the rest of the world. You can share a link to your presentation, embed it on a website or blog, or simply share with Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

12. VCASMO – a multimedia presentation solution for business presentations, academic teaching, seminars and training, photo-video slideshows and more.

13. Zentation –  create online presentations by combining video and slides. It is a handy solution for creating webcasts, webinars, training, e-learning and other virtual events. You can publicly share Zentations that you create and browse other shared presentations.

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