Download any web video as an MP3 or an MP4!

Submitted by Fiona Beal

imageI discovered this Freemake video converter by accident the other day, tried it out and really, it is amazing. You can download any video in a number of different formats. Thank you Freemake! Up to now I have been using Keepvid to download YouTube videos, but this Freemake application goes further in that you install it on your computer and you can download any web video (not only YouTube videos) it seems in a number of different formats depending on what you choose.

For the example below I chose to download a YouTube video as an MP4 and also MP3 to get to grips with Freemake. Once Freemake is installed on your computer and you use it for the first time, it gives you the option for installing an audio converter where, once again, you can choose various options.

I must say that I got a bit confused with names at times…sometimes Freemake calls this video converter a YouTube Downloader, sometimes they refer to it as a MP3 Downloader and sometimes they call it a Video Converter. Whatever the name confusion – it works well!

Download web videos with Freemake Video Converter (free) from Fiona Beal

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