Extreme Weather – a Grade 3 project using Microsoft Word, QR Codes and iPads


This is another guest post from Deidre Bothma who is the Digital Learning Coordinator at Elkanah House Junior Schools.  Deidre does very exciting lessons in her Grade R – 3 classes using a wide range of technology applications. Her previous guest post was entitled Grade 3 Afrikaans Quiz using PowerPoint.  In this post Deidre’s classes use Microsoft Word, QR Codes and iPads in a project-based lesson on Extreme Weather. This post also featured on Deidre’s blog http://technoboffins.wordpress.com/grade3/ Thank you for allowing us to use your post as a guest post Deidre!

“How can we ‘marry’ our IT lab work and our iPad integration?” That was the important question I asked the Grade 3 teachers during our last prep meeting with our main focus being on Project Based Learning. And just look what they came up with:

QR coding Capture

The Grade 3’s prepared and delivered a class oral with ‘Extreme Weather’ as the theme. In Creative Writing, they focused on ‘Question Words’ and brain-stormed 5 questions re: their Extreme Weather event.

Using MS Word, the kids typed and formatted their 5 sentences. In the following lesson, we searched web-pages for answers to our questions and inserted the link to these pages in https://www.the-qrcode-generator.com/

We saved our QR codes to our Documents folder and inserted them into our Word Document. We stuck our posters up around the class and the learners could use the iPads to find answers to the Extreme Weather questions.

As this is our first year of our iPad roll-out, I am extremely proud of the teachers for trying a new and exciting project! And the learners absolutely loved the challenge!

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