Free online timers that you’ll find very useful in your classroom

Recently a teacher friend asked me if I knew of any free online timers, and this sent me on a bit of a search to see what was ‘out there’ in addition to my old favourite that I always use. What a pleasant surprise I got to see the great options available. 2.

1. Online stopwatch:. (

If ever there was a site with a really good collection of timers it is this one. They have a lot of nice options for the classroom. All of these can be set to countdown any given number of seconds and minutes. They also can be paused and reset. All have a feedback sound when the time has run out.


Here are just a few that I have tried. You’ll find all the links at the above-mentioned site

a) Egg timer b) Clock countdown
image image
c) Bomb countdown d) Dynamite timer
image image
e) Candle timer f) Swimming timer
image image

2. Online egg timer
This timer allows you to set three different timers at the same time should you so wish. . They all have the same alarm ring.


3. Google Chrome Store – Apps

I have two apps installed from the Google Chroie Store on my laptop.

a) Timer-tab b) Task timer


c) Talking of Chrome another very quick way to start a timer running is to simply type timer into the Chrome omnibar and click enter. A timer immediately opens which one can set and use



If you are wanting to work in minutes is an interesting choice with an interesting interface and a gentle once-off bell when the time is reached.


5. Class DojoIf you are a Class Dojo  fan like I am (I love using Class Dojo for classroom motivation) you’ll notice that they have now built in a timer into their interface. They have created a video showing how this works found at


6. The tomato timer  

The Pomodoro Technique is a productivity methodology that helps you to stay focused on a task by breaking up your day into 25-minute work stints followed by five-minute breaks. Here are a selection of free apps that can be used to time your pomodoros. Here is the Tomato timer which is part of this method. 


Read more about timers to use in the Pomodoro Technique on this post – 9 free Pomodora timers

7. iPad and Android apps

 IPad and Android also have useful, free timer apps. For iPad try Best Countdown and for Android try Countdown WidgetCountdown Timer on Android is another good option

a) Best Countdown on iOS b) Countdown Widget on Android
image image

Do you perhaps have a favourite that is not listed here?

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