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Tomorrow (Wednesday) we have a really exciting guest post from Anthony Peters (from Parklands College) called ‘Aurasma Awesomeness’ coming up on this blog. In it Anthony describes an innovative lesson he created and completed using Aurasma last week. In preparation I thought I would explore Aurasma and then write something about this great app which is available on both Android and iPad devices.

What is Aurasma?
I first learned about Aurasma at Iste 2013 where I attended a couple of great sessions from a lecturer at a Teacher Training Institution in the United States. Aurasma seems to be a step up on QR codes. It is a free App available on Android and iOS to bring about augmented reality experiences. It uses augmented reality to tag videos to trigger images. In a nutshell Aurasma embeds a digital layer (namely a photo, a 3D animation, a video) into print media.The auras that are created are stored on Aurasma Studio.


But first some terminology:

Aurasma: a free app to make augmented reality
augmented reality: making something come to life
aura: the magic circle that pops up when you hold your device over a trigger
trigger image: the picture you want to elaborate on (probably something from your camera roll or in your photos)
overlay: the media you apply on top of the trigger image (usually a video from your camera roll)

Aurasma used in a Grade 6 classroom

This video gives some ideas on how this works.

Aurasma step by step

This video made by Jill Compher  shows the steps to using Aurasma and  is taken from An Aurasma “How To”


Examples of using Aurasma

I loved watching the following two videos taken from the blogpost entitled: 

1) Aurasma in the music room

2) Aurasma used with homework help!

Wish I knew how to do this! I am wondering if Telligami was used in conjunction with Aurasma.

Further reading

1. Take a minute or two to page through this lovely flipboard made up of articles about Aurasma. 


2. I have been collecting posts about Aurasma on Pinterest


3. Erin Klein has a free Step-by-Step 19 page document on how to use Aurasma and this can be downloaded at Teachers Pay Teachers.

Follow Erin Klein and see what she does with her class using Aurasma.

4. Further useful posts

Wondering – what is your experience of this app?

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