Google #21: Have you see the new #G+eduhangout site? Take a look…

One of the participants at the amazing Google Teacher Academy New York in October 2012, Brent Catlett, has created an awesome new site called #G+Eduhangouts.

This is what Brent says about the site: 

This is Brent

#G+eduhangout has been designed to:

  • Connect educators together all across the world using Google + Hangouts.
  • Bring experts, authors, and kids together.
  • Share the wonderful things happening in your classroom with others.
  • Learn from others that are willing to share.
  • and a whole lot more. . .”

Ideas for using #G+eduhangout

Brent  gives a whole page of ideas on how to use the site: ” #G+eduhangout was created with the idea of flattening the globe, connecting students in classrooms with other students, and sharing the #edugood things going on inside classrooms all over the world.  This lists of ideas is simply some thoughts.  The creativity in which educators spin things is merely up to them.  Run with these ideas, build off them, create new ones.  Please do not hestitate to contact me to add your idea to this page.”

  • These ideas cover Reading / LA / Writing / English, Maths, Science, Social Studies etc.
  • Have a Virtual Book Club
  • Conduct a Math Bee with multiple classes
  • Show off an experiment
  • Use it for mapping / geography skills
  • Conduct a global research project together and report back via #G+eduhangout
  • Book talk
  • Share projects and demonstrations
  • Share writing & get feedback from other students
  • Have students show younger students something they are working on & vice versa
  • Have people from different places talk to you about the weather in their area at the time
  • Parts of lessons, perhaps 3 or 4 groups each take a part in the lesson
  • Connect with Authors and Poets.  Here is a GREAT list of Authors on Twitter: 
  • Perhaps share Apps that are being used and share how they are being used.
  • Experiments could be looked at from week to week with students hypothesizing and questioning possibilities
  • Discuss qualities of your school, city, state, country like size, population, weather, tourist attractions, etc. with other places
  • Connect with students to discuss their coursework and papers for a research course
  • English classes could do characters from stories and compare and contrast novels
  • Show off a class pet, live creatures, or exotic animal from local zoo visit to your classroom
  • Have a Quest to connect with every State or multiple countries to gain research data for a project
  • Interview experts and leaders in the field and record #G+eduhangout on air and then have for use in class later
  • Connect your BLOGGERS with their audience 
  • Have a Mystery Hangout with other classes from all over the world and have students ask questions to guess where they are from.
  • For PE the class could have athlete, Olympian, or fitness gurus join the Hangout
  • Use it to collaborate with other schools reading the same text
  • Celebrate special events or holidays.  For example, during World Read Aloud Day our high school students read to our elementary students in different buildings

and loads more ideas!

Whew, this all looks awesome. Brent gives detailed instructions of how he envisions this site developing:

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