Google #24: A great feature in Blogger – Schedule your blogpost

One of the really useful features that  blogging platforms, and definitely Blogger, includes is the ability to write a post and then schedule when you would like it to be published.  I haven’t used this much in the past, but now, writing about it, I can see a lot of advantages to using this feature.  I thought I would give a quick outline here on how to do this.

1. Write your post in the normal manner using the new post template and give the post its title.


2. When you have finished look for the word Schedule on the right side and click on it.


3. Click on Add date and time. Select the date and choose the time. (Note:You need to make sure that your blog is set to the time zone of your country before you start with it. That can be done by going to Settings on your dashboard and choosing Language and Formatting/Time Zone.) When you are done choose Done!


4. Now you need to click on Publish. Under normal circumstances this would publish your blogpost to the web immediately – but you’ll get a pleasant surprise when you see the post only publishes at the set time on the chosen day. Wonderful!

Try it sometime.

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