Grade 2 students love reading the stories on the African Storybook website

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Submitted by Fiona Beal

In a previous post I talked about Introducing the newly launched African Storybook website  to a Grade 1 ICT technology class. In this post I report back on introducing the website to a Grade 2 class.

A discussion about the African Storybook website

After discussing the amazing African Storybook website and its stories especially created for Grade 1 – 3 students I showed the class parts of the website on the big screen, and we read one of the stories together as in a Big Book lesson where the students are actively involved in reading the story. For more information on how to use a Big Book in a lesson click here.


Choosing a story to read

For this lesson the class was instructed to choose a story from the English/First sentences section where there was a lovely selection of stories. When one clicks on Find am African Story one comes across this table. When I used the website with the Grade 1s we selected the ‘First words’ section. With the Grade 2’s we selected the ‘First sentences’ section.


Reporting back on a favourite story

In our report back session on the favourite story read during the lesson I used this lovely idea found on Pinterest. This was a fun way to introduce the different aspects of a story.

This great idea comes from ‘A Guided reading Wrap-up

I discovered that the favourite story was ‘A Very Tall Man’.


Follow up to the story

As a follow-up to the story the class opened a drawing programme and drew a picture of the story they had read. Some of the students set about drawing the very tall man in the story.

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