Great Google posts this week #30

After looking through all the Google posts that were shared to my various subscriptions recently, these are the ten that have caught my eye so far.

1. Google Classroom: How to Transfer Events from One Google Calendar to Another

Michael Fricano says: “So you’ve got your Google Classroom calendars all set up, right? But, if you’re like me, you already had a Google Calendar going for class. So you might be asking, “How do I transfer events from my old calendar to my new one? It’s actually really easy!”


2. 9 Favourite Chrome Extensions for the Classroom

Tracy Duncan says: “Google Chrome extensions are small software programs that can modify and enhance the functionality of the Chrome browser. They extend Google Chrome’s abilities by adding a button for the extension next to the address bar. Here are nine of our favourite Google Chrome extensions:

  • AdBlock: Remove those pesky ads on websites that students frequently visit.
  • Cabulary: Create vocabulary flash cards from words on any website.
  • CraftyText: Project large text from a computer or Chromebook.
  • Extensify: Manage extensions on your toolbar by quickly enabling or disabling them.
  • OneTab: Reduce the clutter of multiple browser tabs.
  • Save as PDF: Save a web page directly to a PDF with just one click.
  • TLDR (Too Long Didn’t Read): Create summaries of any website article.
  • Tab Glue: Puts all of your Chrome tabs together again in a single click.
  • Tab Scissors: Divide one browser window into two.


3. Google Hangouts – a complete guide!

Plus your business says: “This is the fifth video in a series of five. It covers just about everything you’ll need to know about Google Hangouts, including Hangouts-On-Air. Check out for more information on Google+ for Business.

4. How To Setup and Run a Google Hangout 2014

The DIYWebguy says: “ – In this short video, I show you how to setup, schedule, and invite attendees as well as panelists to your Google Hangouts.

5. Goobric in Real Time

Goobric is a Chrome Extension that allows teachers to use rubrics to automagically score student work. Grades are pasted into the doc and recorded in the original spreadsheet as well. This video shows a real time demo of workflow using Goobric to assess an assignment submitted via Google Classroom and ‘ingested’ using Doctopus.

6. Tab Suspender and Ad Blocker (for Google Chrome) 

In this technology tip screencast, Wesley Fryer shares 2 free and helpful extensions for Google Chrome. Wesley Fryer says: “These are 2 Google Chrome Extensions That Will Change Your Life!

Tab Suspender is one of the new extensions Ben introduced me to. It’s absolutely fantastic: If you haven’t used a browser tab in awhile, it automatically suspends or “caches” it so it’s no longer using so much computer memory. According to the description, it can save up to 80% of your computer browser memory. I love how it goes into effect automatically, no configuration is required once it’s activated. When you want to use a suspended tab again, just click on the big blue “refresh” button and it will again become active.

7. Hidden Features of Google Chrome | Chrome | The Apps Show

Chrome is filled with secrets, that once revealed will give you power over web browsing! Chrome is filled with a hidden features that can take your web browsing game up a couple notches. Once again,  hosts John and Debbie lead us on a perilous expedition of one our most popular topics – Chrome! This week they show us how to quickly mute that tab blaring “Call Me Maybe” across the office, use keyboard shortcuts to quickly jump back and forth between tabs and even a way to find your phone.

8. Google Keep is now out for iPhone and iPad

Finally! One of the most popular Android note-taking apps, the simple and straightforward Google Keep is now out for iPhone and iPad. Google Keep is a notes app that emulates the look of colorful sticky notes, and it’s a really simple notes app that works on both mobile and desktop, syncing effortlessly across all devices. Its clever color system (you have eight colors of notes to choose from, and you can have, say, red notes for personal stuff, green for to-dos, and so on) allows you to quickly sort through and filter messages, and in addition to all that you can also easily attach images, add text labels, share notes with your contacts and copy notes to Google Docs.


9. Google Drawings interactive posters (no glue sticks necessary!) 

Matt Miller says: “Students have created posters in so many classes for so many years. They’re visual, eye-catching and chock full of information. They can be a hassle, though. There’s all of the supplies: markers, glue sticks and the poster board itself (a bigger hassle if kids need to buy it and bring it in). Then there are the magazines. In the past, I’ve had students cut pictures out of magazines to include in posters. Of course, that ends up being a mess. I usually find shards of magazine clippings all over my classroom for weeks afterward. Thankfully, Google Apps has given us an outlet to have all the same perks of creating posters without as much of hassle. Google Drawings is a perfect medium for creating digital posters. “


10. Word Cloud Generators for Google Chromebooks 

The Tech Lady says: “Here is a list of word cloud generators that will work on a Samsung Google Chromebook.  That is what I used to test these tools on.

  • ABCya: This website will allow you to generate word clouds for free and you do not need to create an account. 
  • Tagul: A Free word cloud generator that will run on Google Chromebooks. 
  • Wordsift: A free visual thesaurus that will take word and create a concept map of the meaning.
  • Worditout: A free word cloud generator in which you do not need to create an account.  Just type the list of words in the paragraph text box, specify the size, background color, color specifications, text, size, layout and click on ‘Word it Out’.  


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