10 useful Google posts this week #6

Submitted by Fiona Beal

After looking through all the Google posts that were shared to my various subscriptions during this week and last week, these are the ten that have caught my eye so far. 

1. 3 Good Chrome Extensions to Convert Web Pages to PDFs .http://goo.gl/I3GDt9 You could use these extensions to convert long articles ( for instance articles from Scientific magazines) into PDFs which I would usually download into my computer. In this way I have a PDF format of the article which I can access and read without the need for Internet connection.

2. Getting Googley with Infographics

from Rachelle Wootenand and Stephanie Jernigan http://goo.gl/6jccLM This post has some great ideas for working on infogrpahics in lessons. There is a presentation link as well.


3. ‘Google Stuff’

from Tammy Worcester http://tammyworcester.com/googlestuff/ On this page, you’ll find an index of all of Tammy’s Google-related resources. This is a really useful collection of Google applications for a quick referral.


4. ‘A Must Have Chrome Extension for Teachers’ http://goo.gl/nefER5Extensity basically helps you instantly enable or disable extensions on your Chrome. It does three main things:

  • Keep your browser fast – disable extensions that you won’t use right away.
  • Keep your toolbar clean
  • Ideal companion for extensions collectors.


5. 6 new free Google tools to upgrade your classroom by Matt Miller

http://goo.gl/G2rKeD I always love Matt Miller from Dich That textbook’s posts. In this post he talks about six sites which will help upgrade what you do in class if you and your students utilize Google Apps frequently. Not all are technically products of Google, but they all improve work done on Google apps.

                                              Presentations look much sharper with the right slide template and eye-catching photos. These tools will improve your slide shows and more. (Flickr / Danny Sullivan)

6. ÝouTube tips and tricks’This is a collection of resources on YouTube from Wesley Fryer http://wiki.wesfryer.com/Home/handouts/youtube This is a great collection of resources that Wesley fryer used for his workshop on YouTube.


7. ‘A Very Good Google Doc App for Helping Students with Their Learning’ http://goo.gl/SlA1Iw Have you tried the Text Help Study Skills app? It allows them to select, highlight, and group content for review and learning.


8. Two Good Google Drive Templates to Create Fake Facebook Pages http://goo.gl/wDhe7j. The Fake Facebook templates provided here are created using Google Drawing meaning that when you click on “use this template” button associated with each of them, a copy of the document will be opened in your Drawing.

9. 10 Excellent Google Drive Templates for Teachers http://goo.gl/m7SiUC. The template gallery that Google Drive offers features a wide variety of templates pertaining to different topics from templates on albums and flipbooks to templates for resumes and cover letters


10. ‘Slide Carnival’

Have you seen this lovely site?  http://www.slidescarnival.com/ Free templates for Google Slides presentation



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