Great news! Claim your SACE Continuing Professional Development Points for badges you’ve earned on the Microsoft Educator Community

Submitted by Megan Rademeyer

All South African teachers are expected to keep a Professional Development Portfolio (PDP) as a personal record of their professional development journeys, and to achieve at least 150 South African Council of Educator Continuing Professional Teacher Development (CPTD) development points every three-year cycle.

SchoolNet SA is an approved SACE professional development provider and has been accredited by SACE to award continuing professional development points for certain activities and online courses that teachers have completed through the Microsoft Educator Community.

If you have earned any of the following badges on the Microsoft Educator Community – please complete this form by 15 June 2017 so that we can email you a PDF of your SACE endorsed certificate indicating which online courses you have completed. You will then be able to count these points as “Type 3 – Externally Initiated Professional Development Activities”.

· Teaching with Technology – Basics (5 SACE points)

· Microsoft in Education (5 SACE points)

· Microsoft in the Classroom (15 SACE points)

· 21st Century Learning Design (15 points)

· Teaching with Technology 2016 (15 SACE points)

· Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert – 2016 – 2017 (10 SACE points)

Top tips!

Make sure that your profile on the Microsoft Educator Community is set to “Public” so that we will be able to verify what badges you have earned. If we can’t see your badge, we won’t be able to issue you with a SACE endorsed certificate.

How to make your Microsoft Educator Community profile public:

· Log in to the Microsoft Educator Community.

· Left click on your profile picture.

· Click on “Edit Profile”.

· Select “Public” for your profile status (see indicated in red)


You will also be required to email us a link to your Public Profile so that we can verify which badges you have earned.

To find your “Public Profile URL” go into your profile and look under basic information. (see indicated in green)

Frequently asked questions:

Can I get SACE professional develoment points for other badges I have earned on the Microsoft Educator Community?

Yes. Whilst SchoolNet SA can only issue you with a SACE endorsed certificate for some badges, you can count your other badges as “Type 1 – Teacher Initiated Professional Development Activities” and can log these in your Professional Development Portfolio.

Will I get a hard-copy certificate?

No. We will email you a PDF of your SACE endorsed certificate which we suggest you save in your electronic Professional Development Portfolio. You are welcome to print this certificate out yourself if you want a hard copy certificate for your records.

What if I earn more badges after I have filled in the online form?

Please complete this online form by 15 June 2017 so that we can send you a PDF certificate indicating all the badges you have earned. If you earn more badges after you have filled in the form, please fill in the form again and we will send you a second certificate.

What happens if I want to claim my SACE points after the 15th of June 2017?

This form will remain active until 30 June 2017 – after that be on the look-out for a link to a new form if we are able to offer this service again.

I don’t know my SACE number. Can I still claim my CTPD points?

If you don’t know your SACE number – you can access it through the SACE website. If that doesn’t work please complete the rest of our online form and you will still receive a pdf certificate that you can use later as part of your Professional Development Portfolio.

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