Google #1: Have you discovered Google Docs?

Have you discovered Google Docs? It is one of the best technology finds available! What I love most about it is its versatility


Just recently I have been exploring Google Docs more fully and here are some of the things I have really enjoyed about using it:

Benefits of  using Google Docs

*When you create and or store files in your Google Documents account, those files are available from wherever you go, through any computer with an Internet connection. This means that you don’t have to send file attachments to yourself via email, carry a flash drive, or worry about file compatibility.

*Google Docs can have a multitude of people writing on the same document at the same time – it’s great for collaboration.

*I love the fact that you don’t have to save – it saves everything automatically.

*You can easily share documents with others even if they don’t have a Google account. Once a document is shared comments suggested edits can be placed in the margins of the document, which is great for marking purposes.

*Google Docs have a web link so they can be shown as webpages when you want to show someone somewhere else something.

*Google Docs is now integrated into Google Drive which means you can now install Google Drive on all the computers you work on and work offline. It will sync everything just like Dropbox does.

*Google Docs gives you 5Gb of free space which won’t take all your photos etc – but it is big enough to be very useful.

*You can keep your documents in folders.

*Google forms have so many amazing uses. You can set tests on them etc.

*You can upload AND download easily to Microsoft Office.

Create your own Google document

Actually…the list of benefits is endless… So my advice is, open a Google account if you don’t already have one and start experimenting with Google Docs which are now housed in Google drive. Oh yes, one tip – try and use Google Chrome as your browser with Google Docs – the two go together like a horse and carriage! 


Once you have joined Google and you want to explore Google Docs, well, why not create a Google document while you are about it? Here is a Slideshare with some pointers if you need them.

How to create a new Google document

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See? What did I tell you? Google Docs is an amazing suite!

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