Have you discovered Learnist boards? Try creating one…

Submitted by Fiona Beal

With the Internet being so HUGE educators have to become master curators of content. I like this definition  from Robin Good (http://goo.gl/j3yVL)


A Learnist Board is a really useful way to curate the information that you need. I love using Pinterest and I love using Scoopit, but what I like about Learnist is that it is only one column and you can set it out in steps of your own choosing.

Take a look around a Grade 1 teacher’s Learnist Boards

Take a look around Carrie Sorenson’s Learnist boards. This is a screencast (without voice) just showing how this teacher has used Learnist to curate information that she wants to keep.

How to create a Learnist Board

Here is a presentation on creating a Learnist Board that I made as a recent TeachMeet presentation.

Have you considered creating a Learnist Board? from Fiona Beal

Embed your Learnist board in your blog

One of the newer improvements in Learnist boards is that you can embed them in your blog. So, to date I have created two Learnist boards and I am going to try embedding them in this post.

1) iPad summit collection, Boston 2013

I didn’t go to the iPad summit in Boston, last year but I followed it closely and created a Learnist board about it.

2) Great tips for creating PowerPoint presentations

Education uses of Learnist boards

  • Keeps all
    resources together in a particular order
  • It is
    accessible from wherever one is
  • One can
    share a board with others
  • One can
    follow others with similar interests.
  • Students
    could also use Learnist for a project to show the sites they used
  • Is available
    as an Ipad and an Android app
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