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Submitted by Fiona Beal

A few months back I had the privilege of being invited, as a SchoolNet representative, to be one of  the judges for the Nab’Ubomi Interschool 2011 Short Film Competition. What a marvelous evening it turned out to be watching these compelling short movies. These movies were created and carved by Grade 11 students in the Eastern Cape, and filmed using the guidance and resources of the Nab’Ubomi crew, at their respective schools. The Nab’Ubomi Film Development Project & School Filmmaking Competition introduces the South African youth to the world of Film and TV Production and Media Education Literacy.This is a really incredible project, well worth taking note of.  Bryony Roughton is the Project Director of Nab’Ubomi Film School.

More about Nab’Ubomi

Nab’Ubomi, meaning ‘This is Life’ in isiXhosa, is an inter-school film competition running in the Eastern Cape since 2007. It is now expanding, in stages, into all provinces of South Africa to become a national competition. Nab’Ubomi has been built around six essential aspects or pillars: Education ‐Youth ‐ Story ‐ Film ‐ Content ‐ Development. You can read more on their website (http://www.nabubomi.co.za/) and also on the flier below (which can be read in more detail here – or you could press the fullscreen button in the bottom right hand corner of the frame).

Nab’Ubomi’s playlist on YouTube

Nab’Ubomi has a playlist of all their films on YouTube – if you can spare the time they will definitely make an interesting evening’s viewing. http://www.youtube.com/user/NabUbomi

The ‘Best of the Festival Award’ film 2011

For example here is the 2011 Best of the Festival Award film. It is a student film from the Nab’Ubomi 2011 inter-school short film competition called ‘Eternal Inspirations’ by Pumela Sibulele Billie from Molteno Senior Secondary School in Queenstown Education District, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Awards Dinner for 2012 winners

imageThe good news is that on the 30th November 2012 an Award ceremony for all the 2012 winners will take place at a Gala Event in East London hosted by the Eastern Cape Department of Education. This will include the presentation of nominee and award Certificates & winners, trophies and a screening of the top three award winning films.

 If you would like to see the learners’ comments about the positive effect the Nab’Ubami project has had on their lives read about it hereNab’Ubomi is looking to expand to to the Northern Cape and Western Cape working with schools in the same way as outlined above. We, at SchoolNet, wish them well as they inspire the youth of our country with this project. 

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