Have you started with a blog yet? It’s definitely worth it!

Submitted by Fiona Beal

This morning as I was researching on the Internet the thought struck me that a huge amount of my professional growth over the past few years has come from reading blogs written by teachers. There are so many really fantastic teachers sharing what they do in their classroom with the world and benefiting so many others in the process. I would say that blogs play a very large part in driving the education revolution that is taking place world-wide. The incredible part is that blogs are free to create! So thank you to all those blogger educationists out there!

Useful blogging posts

I have noticed an upsurge in the number of blogs started by educationists. This morning I read about a blogger who has been blogging for ten years, Graham Stanely, and who is celebrating the event with two reflective posts. He calls his posts Reflections on ten years blogging – part one and Reflections on ten years of blogging – part two. In these posts he talks about his journey with blogging with his journey and all he has learned along the way. 

Another great post I saw recently on blogging is The ultimate guide to the use of blogs in teaching posted on the Educational Technology and Mobile Learning blog. This is a comprehensive post which elaborates on the following headings:

1- What is Blogging ?
2- Difference between A Blog and a Website
3- Free Blogging Platforms for Teachers and Students
4- How to set up a blo
5-Things to Pay Heed to when Setting up a Classroom  Blog
6- Blogging Tips for Teachers
7- Advantages of Blogging in Education
8- Ways Teachers Can Use Blogs in their Classrooms
9- Examples of Successful Student, Class, and Teacher Blogs

In face this great infographic below comes from another post on the same blog. 

From Educational Technology and Mobile Learning blog

The Edublogs Awards

Edublogs has done a major job in promoting blogging among teachers. Every year they hold the Edublogs Awards which has various interesting categories. A good place to start with any research on blogs is to look at those who were the winners in the Edublogs Awards for 2012. 

If one had to list the benefits of blogging I’m sure the list would get into the 100s and more! What is your view on blogging? Have you tried it? You won’t regret it. 

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