‘Have you thought about doing project-based teaching using Microsoft’s One Note?’ by MiE Expert from South Africa, Mokhudu Machaba

imageThis is a guest post from Mokhudu Machaba one of South Africa’s 2015 MiE Experts. Mokhudu writes about One Note suggesting it could be great to use with project-based learning. 
Mokhudu’s blog can be found at:
http: //projectbasedteaching.wordpress.com


What is One Note?

imageWikipedia says ‘Microsoft OneNote, formerly called Microsoft Office OneNote is a computer program for free-form information gathering and multi-user collaboration. It gathers users’ notes handwritten or typed, drawings, screen clippings and audio commentaries. Notes can be shared with other OneNote users over the Internet or a network. OneNote is available as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. It is also available as a free stand-alone application for Windows, Mac, Windows RT, Windows Phone, iOS, Android and Symbian.[4] A web-based version of OneNote is provided as part of OneDrive or Office Online and enables users to edit notes via a web browser.’



How to use One Note in the Classroom

The link below is a video showing how you can put together your preparations before going to class. And since my school is still struggling putting together ICT equipments for use on daily basis I have used the OneNote to put together my preparations of the projects I do with the learners. I have shared the documents on OneDrive as well as sharing the link with my fellow MIEE’s

A video clip with some useful instruction

This is a very useful video clip called ‘Training: Make the switch to OneNote 2013: Find the things you’re used to using – Video 4 of 5:’ http://bit.ly/1sVzRnF 

My shared OneNote documents

This link is for the OneNote I share on OneDrive:  (link still coming)


Using One Note In the Classroom

We have not yet used OneNote in the Classroom but we are planning to since it is so convenient to use.

How it can be used:

Ø Create an activity and rename the Section to the Name of your choice and let all the learners to add their pages responding to the questions on the activity that is created.

Ø Assess the learners work and give them feedback individually. And I see it as being very effective and easy to use.

Application for Education

The OneNote Class Notebook Creator app for SharePoint extends Microsoft for note-taking, which turns it into a teaching tool that helps educators streamline test-taking, better manage assignments, track their students’ progress and provide feedback.

Our curriculum advisers will find it easier to communicate with us unlike having to drive to our schools to attend to each educator. They can reach teachers at once using SharePoint which will minimize their workload, and reaching all schools that he/she monitors at once.

Problems I foresee

Ø Lack of ICT developments and support to those who are trying to implement it.

Ø Theft on devices at crime prone areas

Ø Poor Connectivity

Ø Not enough data bundles (Not included in school budget)

Ø Poor in-service training for teachers

Ø Leaders who do not want to adapt to change delays progress in many instances


Being selected as a MIEExpert15 has empowered my ICT skills, I have fallen more in love with the apps I come across every day. Moving around my area helping my fellow educators to register on MEN has made me feel fullfilled. Learning this new apps everyday is challenging and even thought provoking. I am still learning OneNote and Sway and I love them.”

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SchoolNet says: Thank you very much for sharing this post with us on the SchoolNet blog, Mokhudu.

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