Have you tried creating a project using the new project tab on a Wikispaces wiki? Instructions follow!

Submitted by Fiona Beal

If you are a teacher that loves project-based teaching and connecting with classes around the world you’ll know that Wikispaces is the perfect platform to use.  But did you know this? Wikispaces has added an amazing new feature to their free education version platform called Projects. This new feature allows you to create a special place for your project within your classroom wiki. In other words, you don’t have to create a separate project wiki for your classroom projects.

Set up a project for your class within your own Wikispaces wiki

In your normal classroom wiki you can:

  • Set up a project or even a number of different projects
  • Assign students to teams if necessary (a team could have just one student)
  • Control editing and viewing privileges for each team’s space
  • Use templates created specifically for that project. A project template can be used as a starting point or home page.

Each team space will have their own copy of the page which means they can interact with it, instead of just viewing it. Templates can include text, graphics, multimedia, links and any number of embeddable resources. Imagine an interactive, multi-media project rubric students can use to document work and self-evaluate as they go!

Teams of students can easily create new pages within their team space that are automatically linked to their home page for easy navigation.
Basically, as someone put it, “the Projects feature allows organizers to create a wiki within a wiki!”

I think this can best be explained by means of a Slideshare.

How to set up a project using Wikispaces

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How to create a template using for a project using Wikispaces

We are going to take this one step further now to show how you can create a template page (as many as you like) and add it to each project. This could be the project instructions, the rubric or whatever you choose! Here is the Slideshare with all the details:

Set up a project in Wikispaces using a template

I can really recommend that you give this a try. Global projects are on the increase and Wikispaces is an excellent platform to use. 

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