Introduce your class to Edmodo – a great Learning Management System


Edmodo has become the Learning Management System (LMS) of choice for many teachers around the world. Edmodo is one of those Learning Management Systems that every teacher can successfully use in their classroom whether they have PCs, a BYOD classroom, an iPad/tablet classroom or just one computer/tablet in the classroom. It works across the board. Best is, that if a teacher so desires, he/she can even invite the parents to join  the class Edmodo group as well. All Edmodo needs, really, is an enthusiastic teacher that has access to a laptop.


What is Edmodo

Edmodo is a free web-based platform that teachers can use to manage their class, share content, access homework and other school items. It is also a safe social networking place for the students in the class to connect and collaborate with one another.  What the students like about Edmodo is it’s Facebook-like appearance. Students don’t need email addresses – they sign in via an access code.

Edmodo’s features

  • Edmodo has a collaboration feature where the teacher and students can add comments and share files such as PowerPoints, Word documents, videos etc can be shared.
  • Edmodo has a ‘folders’ feature which enables one to organize documents in a folder and share that folder with a class.
  • Edmodo has an assignment feature which allows one to post an assignment with a due date and a task sheet, see who submitted it and when, mark it using a PDF annotation tool, grade/assess it and give feedback all in one neat place.
  • Edmodo has a quiz feature which enables on to create really quick and simple quizzes to use in class.
  • Edmodo has a poll feature which allows on to create quick survey polls in class.
  • Edmodo has a note feature where, for example, the students can write a reflection.
  • Edmodo has a members feature which enables on to manage one’s students in each class or group.
  • Edmodo has a small groups feature which is great for managing group work.
  • Edmodo has a discussion feature which enables an online discussion to take place

I’m sure there are more features that I haven’t yet got to know.

Using Edmodo in the classroom

Here is a Slideshare entitled ‘20 ways to use Edmodo’

20 Ways to Use Edmodo from seyfert6

A cheat sheet that summarises Edmodo

This useful cheat sheet summarises Edmodo. Click on the image to be taken to the enlarged image


A full introduction to Edmodo provided by Russel Stannard.

Here is is an excellent video tutorial created by Russel Stannard in which he walks teacher through a step by step guide on how teachers can get started using Edmodo together with all of its features such as creating a group or class for  students, uploading files, adding comments…and many more.


Edmodo Help Centre

Edmodo has a great Help Centre that has screencasts and tutorials to help you with any problem. See

Wonderful blog posts on using Edmodo

1) Using Edmodo in the ipad classroom

2) 10 reasons I love using Edmodo in my iPad classroom…3) A great Edmodo cheat sheet 

4) A handy guide to everything a teacher needs to know about Edmodo

5) Russel Stannards two training vidoes on Edmodo


Why not try out using Edmodo as soon as possible? You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how user-friendly it is.

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