Introduce your students to Google Chrome…


At the recent Google in Education Summit in Cape Town there were a number of presentations outlining the usefulness of Google Chrome as a browser option. Not only is it fast and reliable as a browser but it has a unique way of enabling almost everything that you want to do in your browsing session work right from the browser bar – by means of extensions.  This is what my browser bar looks like currently and the list is growing.


Another unique feature in Chrome is that the Omnibox can be used for so many different purposes in addition to being the place where the page URL is shown.  This is a great time-saving feature for students.

So I thought that it would be a good idea to introduce Chrome to students showing in particular these two features to start off with. This presentation introduces six useful extensions for students as well as seven useful ways of searching from the Omnibox.

Note: One point to remember is that Google is always improving matters, so nothing remains static. Even extensions are improved and changed. This presentation might already be out of date!

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