The Google Teacher Academy in New York #2: Jeffery Bradbury’s TeacherCast podcasting site

It is just  day or two before the greatly anticipated Google Teacher Academy, and I thought I would take a look at what some of the other 49 attendees get up to in their daily technology explorations. This podcasting site, TeacherCast caught my attention. It is hosted by Jeffrey Bradbury, one of the Google attendees,  and it contains many really interesting educational podcasts, blog posts, app reviews and much more! I follow Jeffrey Bradbury on Twitter (@teachercast) but never thought I would get to meet him in person!

Jeffrey has conducted three podcasts recently that are related to the upcoming Google Teacher Academy in New York. He asked folk to volunteer to be interviewed (but of course I didn’t!). Let me tell you about the three posts.

1. TeacherCast Podcast #63 “Welcome to the Google Teacher Academy” (@edtechschools @remedy1978 @dwmalone @MatthewPMoran)

Jeff sits down with Sean Beavers, Tanya Avrith, Matthew Moran and David Malone to discuss the Google Teacher Academy and their recent appointment to the Google Teacher Class of 2012. Read more and/or listen to the podcast here .

Featured topics:
*Google Teacher Academy
*Application process for GTA
*Making a GTA video
*Thoughts on GTA
*Things to do while in New York City
*New school year
*Tech for the school year

2. TeacherCast Podcast #65 “Google
Teacher Academy Part 2″ @elh @lthumann #GTANY

Jeff sits down with two of the leaders from the upcoming Academy, Google
Certified Teachers Erica Hartman and Lisa Thuman to discuss the 2012 Google
Teacher Academy which is to be held in New York.   Read more
and/or listen to the podcast here.

Featured topics
*Google Teacher Academy
*Application process for GTA

*What does Google look for in a GTA?
*The GTA commitment
*Instructing at a GTA
*How hasa GTA opened up your educational world? 

3. TeacherCast Podcast Special: Google Teacher Academy #GTANY

Jeff sits down with the rest of his team – Brent
Catlett, Cory Pavicich, Mark Coleman, Jenny Kirsch and Kelly Croy to discuss
the Google Teacher Academy. 
(We are divided into teams of 6, each with a leader, for the Academy). Read more about the interview or listen to the podcast  here

It’s amazing to think that I will soon meet all these people in person at the Google Teachers Academy. New York. 

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